Since you’re reading this, you’ve probably met someone special, have grown to love him or her and chosen to marry each other. Trinity Church celebrates with you! Nothing compares to being engaged! Enjoy this time of preparation as you begin to share even more of your hearts with each other.

Through Trinity’s premarital process, we desire to give you the most valuable wedding present that we can:
a loving, lasting investment in your relationship as you get ready to make this commitment to one another.
Our goal is to assist you in making this a memorable, growing and inspiring season of your life. We want your wedding to special and an event you remember!
We want to help you build the spiritual, relational and logistical foundation for your future life together.
Attending all of the classes in a Premarital Series and meeting with the pastor and attending worship are REQUIRED for those wishing to be married in our sanctuary with the pastor.
We place a high value on the premarital process at Trinity and we believe this time is foundational for the spiritual, relational, and logistical preparation for your life together.
Therefore, attendance at all classes in the premarital series and meeting with the pastor are prerequisites to be married at Trinity.
Please note that if you are requesting an onsite wedding that your date will be held tentatively until confirmation has been received that you have completed all the requirements of our premarital series.
It is important that you register immediately for the first scheduled and available class, and we recommend that you allow at least 3 months between the completion of your premarital class and your wedding date.
The 4 pre-marital sessions offered each year cover such topics as family of origin, communication, anger and conflict resolution, finances, intimacy, and growth and planning. The classes are taught utilizing a survey tool, lectures, exercises and group discussions.
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