Mission Statement

“To live by faith…
To be known by God’s love…
And be a voice of Hope…
   To a hurting and seeking World.”   
Trinity ‘s Current Staff Members

Pastor Cletus Hull III, Senior Pastor

Accepting Christ in his youth, Cletus eventually felt the call of God to enter the ministry. He attended seminary and began to pastor a small church in Marianna PA. He is ordained in the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ). His ministry has included preaching, pastoral ministry, youth ministry, church camp, hospital chaplaincy, campus ministry, and teaching in higher education. His life has been dedicated to delivering God’s word to people in down-to-earth messages. His personal website is:



Bridget Hull,

Worship & Music Director      

  The Bible has a lot to say about music, and part of Bridget’s role is to lead the church’s worship of God in a way that matches the character of God. Bridget is an accomplished musician and has led our Worship band, CrossBound for 22 years. The whole church rejoiced as Cletus and Bridget were united in marriage in 2006.

Missi Anderson
Licensed Minister with the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) in Pennsylvania
Missi’s ministry focuses on creating the building blocks for a strong spiritual foundation for spiritual development for the congregation with Bible studies.